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The market

The market

To deal with supermarkets, the traditional market resists and continues to attract the customer of the weekend in search of authenticity and local produce. With ninety registered merchants, the market of Enghien offers a wide variety of traffic, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 9am to 13pm.

Cheese makers, butchers, greengrocers and also florists, stalls of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry visitors can make a variety of purchase, both basic and fun. The food shops offer high quality of fresh produce, either coming directly from Rungis, or from small local producers. The prices are reasonable and in conformity with the value of the items.

As for clothing, shoes, bags or jewelry, it is common to find good deals and the latest fashion trends. But the covered market is above all an atmosphere!

A unique place to live where purchase rhymes with ease. For active people who work all week, it even becomes a hobby on Saturday morning, a break where nonchalance and wandering are permitted and recommended among the stalls. The market becomes an art of French living. A return to tradition but also the authenticity of human relationships. Far from impersonal supermarkets, the customer market looks for relation with the small producer who will bring him good advice.


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