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The lake and its esplanade

Lined with beautiful houses and gardens, the lake is a major center of water activities and sports: sailing, rowing, pedal boats and fishing. The Esplanade Patenôtre-Desnoyer (rue du General de Gaulle) is a favorite spot for visitors and offers a wide view of the lake, theater, the Rose Garden and the Casino. More beautiful views from the avenue de Ceinture and the boulevard du Lac.

The lake, subject to all the care

Located in the heart of urbanization, the lake is a natural area that requires much attention for its preservation. Place of leisure, recreation and sports, it gives Enghien-les-Bains a very pleasant atmosphere and identity and atmosphere.

It is now the site of a European research project led by the National Research: The project Prolyphic (Operating System for monitoring and real-time alert of phytoplankton blooms).

The project, which takes place over several years, aims to develop a measurement system emitting at regular intervals different parameters to an e-mail. To do this, an immersed probe, attached to a buoy is equipped with sensors to measure in near real-time oxygen levels, conductivity, fluorimetry and turbidity of the water. Knowledge of these parameters, remote, allows to study the correlation, particularly in relation to the proliferation of micro-algae. This tool is designed to anticipate this growth, in order to limit or take appropriate action when it comes to the water recreation pool or especially the pool of drinking water.

The research project PROLIPHYC is the result of many partnerships: SOGREAH, ENPC-CEREVE, IPGP-LGE, INRA, Muséum d’histoire naturelle, DT INSU, nke, CISALB.

Other partners involved in financing the project: the city of Enghien-les-Bains, the Agences de l’eau Loire-Bretagne, Seine Normandie, RM&C, VEOLIA et EDF.


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